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Best Vacuum Cleaner in India – 2021


Last Updated on September 29, 2021 by Ashwini G 

Quick Overview

With all the time you spend indoors especially in the current pandemic situation, you need to ensure that your indoor environment is clean and hygienic. It might seem that way especially with the routine cleaning and mopping ritual that most Indian households employ. However, you will be surprised at the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that remains in the house even post these daily cleaning sessions.

Just look at the crevices of the sofa, under the beds, the ceiling fans, the window mesh and you will realize how must dirt accumulation there is in the house and how much dust you unknowingly breathe in every day. While these might not seem too dangerous it can be a huge health concern especially for the sensitive population prone to asthma and other allergies. Apart from this, consider the debris pile up on your carpet, the hair strands that tend to stick to surfaces, and all the little dirt particles that build up on the curtains. A vacuum cleaner takes care of all these areas with ease.

The problem lies in making the correct choice that will suit your cleaning requirements. There are too many options in the market with all sorts of features that are bound to grab your attention. However, you need to choose wisely to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner. This review and guide will help you make that choice. 

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners



  • Powerful and efficient suction
  • Remains cool even with prolonged use
  • Lightweight with large wheels


  • Limited cleaning attachments
  • Lacks wet vacuum feature

Phillips is a very reliable brand. It is known for its excellent customer support and good performance. The brand caters to a mid-price range making it an affordable option for all consumer sections.

The Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a high-quality product with solid features. It is equipped with Powercyclone 5 technology to provides you superior cleaning by minutely separating the dust particles from the air and sucking it in. Hence you will not have to worry about the dust flying everywhere as is usually the case with vacuum cleaners. The 1900W motor in the vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking in the smallest dust particle leaving little room for the dust to escape. Hence, you get clean dust-free air and surfaces with minimum fuss. There is a 6m cord attached to the vacuum cleaner. This gives it a cleaning range of 9m thereby ensuring you get all the nooks you want without much exertion.

Another great asset to this vacuum cleaner is its low noise level. It produces only 82db of sound when operational that is within the acceptable sound levels for humans and lower than most other vacuum cleaners. Apart from this, the vacuum cleaner comes with all the necessary attachments required for a convenient cleaning experience. You get multi-clean nozzles of various sizes equipped with high-quality tips to ensure thorough cleaning of the floors. For larger dust and dirt particles like hair, wrappers, and other items you have a turbo brush that effortlessly sucks in these larger particles. For smaller and more delicate cleaning like your keyboard, desk and table surfaces, etc. there is a soft brush attachment that easily cleans these items.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and comes with large 180-degree swivel wheels that make it easier to control the appliance and take it easy through different areas of the house for a thorough cleaning. It has a removable dust container that collects all the dust and dirt particles and can be easily cleaned post your vacuum session. You also get a clean air system with an EPA 10 filter equipped in the vacuum cleaner. This allows the vacuum cleaner to filter the air in the room along with the surfaces to give you fresh and hygienic air to breathe.


  • Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Power Cyclone 5 technology
  • 5 kg weight
  • 410 x 281 x 247 mm in dimension
  • 9m action radius
  • 6m cord length
  • 1900W motor capacity
  • 82 dB noise level
  • 37 l/s airflow capacity
  • EPA 10 air filter
  • Turbo brush with the multi-clean nozzle
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


  • Equipped with HEPA12 air filter
  • A-rated for hard floor cleaning
  • Being bagless is more cost-efficient since you do not have to pay for extra replacement dust bags


  • The soft cord makes it harder to operate
  • Higher noise levels
  • D-rated for carpet cleaning

Amazon Basics has made quite a name for itself as a brand that caters to all your basic needs at a reasonable price. Its products are high on performance and low on price which makes them ideal for one and all. The best thing about AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is that it is very lightweight. Vacuum cleaners are a manual device that requires physical exertion and have to be towed from room to room, being lightweight gives the AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner an upper edge over other vacuum cleaners in this segment.

Another great feature of this vacuum cleaner is that is it bagless. Generally, vacuum cleaners come with disposable dirt bag attachments. This means that you need to replace the dirtbag once it gets filled translating to extra costs throughout the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner. With bagless vacuum cleaners, you can simply open the dust and dirt container and clean it. This not only saves you from extra running costs but is also more hygienic.

It also sports a strong suction power that makes it excellent at cleaning all surfaces and sucking in dirt from the air. This model even has an A-rating for hard floor cleaning. However, it only gets a D-rating for carpet cleaning making it not very good with carpets. But apart from that, it is great for cleaning the usual surfaces.

You also get a HEPA12 air filter system with the vacuum cleaner. This eliminates 99.5% of all the dust and dirt particles in the air giving you clean air circulation in the room. Hence, you can easily get rid of all the pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other common allergens from the air.

On the maintenance front also, this vacuum cleaner gets all the brownie points. It comes with a replaceable dust cup that gathers all the dust and dirt from the air and surfaces while cleaning. You can easily remove this cup to empty it of all the collected dust and dirt and then wash it before attaching it back to the vacuum cleaner. Further, you have multi-nozzle attachments for easy cleaning of various surfaces. The vacuum cleaner gets all this done at a AAA power rating which means a great performance at great power efficiency.


  • Bagless corded vacuum cleaner
  • 5 liter dirt capacity
  • 5m cord length
  • 5m adjustable hose length
  • 5 nozzle attachments
  • 700W motor power
  • Triple action system for superior cleaning
  • Reusable dirt cup
  • HEPA 12 washable air filter
  • 78 dB noise level
  • AAA power rating
  • 25 units annual power consumption
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


    • Can be dismantled for easy storage and portability
    • Good dirtbag capacity
    • Strong 800W motor power


    • Very expensive
    • High noise levels
    • Poor customer support

    If you are pressed for space and are looking for a compact vacuum cleaner that you can disassemble to easily store away then this vacuum cleaner from Black Decker is the perfect fit for you. The Black Decker VH802 800-Watt Vacuum Cleaner and Blower is based on an easy DIY concept where you can put it together when you want to use it and then dismantle it just as easy to store until next time.

    It comes with a 0.9 liter capacity that makes it ideal for small spaces. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner that has a transparent dust bowl in front so you can easily judge when it is full and needs to be emptied. Even being in the compact section this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a strong 800W motor power. This gives the vacuum cleaner a high suction ability that takes care of all the dust and dirt particles on the surface easily.

    This vacuum cleaner can be used to clean all surfaces including the floors but it is especially recommended for cleaning upholstery, curtains, and carpets. You can use the blower feature to loosen up the dirt and dust on these surfaces and then use the soft and small nozzle extensions for sucking these particles away to give you a clean carpet or sofa. Another advantage of the blower is that it can easily remove dirt from inaccessible or difficult-to-reach areas. For a convenient cleaning session, this vacuum cleaner comes with an extension tube, upholstery brush, turbo brush, carpet brush, and a flexible cord. You also get a shoulder strap to carry the vacuum cleaner on your shoulders.


    • Bagless corded vacuum cleaner
    • Features shoulder straps for carrying around
    • 6 kg in weight
    • 9-liter capacity
    • 800W motor power
    • 8 nozzle extensions
    • Blower function
    • 2 extension tubes
    • Flexible cord for more accessibility
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty 

    Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners



    • Can be used to clean car interiors
    • Certified asthma and allergen-friendly
    • Eliminates up to 0.3-micron dust particles


    • The very high price point
    • Small dirt bin capacity

    When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is undoubtedly the best. It gives you superior unmatchable cleaning performance along with smart features and a load of other add-ons that you will not find in other vacuum cleaners in the market. On the flip side, all this comes at a premium price which makes Dyson pretty unaffordable for a majority of people. However, if the price is not an issue for you then you should look no further than the Dyson vacuum cleaners.

    The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes packed with a V8 Digital Motor that gives a suction power of 115AW. For a hand-held vacuum cleaner, this is very high and makes it ideal for cleaning all the nooks and crevices in the house. It is made of 15 two-tier radial cyclones that work together to generate a powerful g-force. This g-force effectively tosses all the dirt and debris from the surfaces into the vacuum cleaner dirt compartment. Further, the device motor spins at a whopping 110,000 revolutions per minute to give you the best cleaning efficiency possible.

    This vacuum cleaner comes with great extensions that help you in cleaning out not just the surface. The soft roller head the vacuum cleaner comes with is great to eliminate the hard and wooden floor dust. It is also great for cleaning out carpets, curtains, and other upholstery. It is extremely lightweight and very flexible. When used as a handheld vacuum this device can be used to removes cobwebs and clean all the places at a height. It is also equipped with an air filter that eliminates 99.97% of all microscopic dust making this vacuum cleaner a perfect choice for asthma patients, young children, and those sensitive to air pollutants. The hand-held option also allows you to use this as a car cleaner.

    The vacuum cleaner comes with a 6-cell Li-ion battery that has been optimally redesigned to give it 40 minutes of running time. The battery operation is very convenient since it completely does away from the power cord and gives you a very easy cleaning experience. It also has an in-built dirt ejector feature that expels all the dirt from the dirt compartment with just a single button.


    • Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner
    • V8 digital motor
    • 23 x 20.4 x 120 cm in dimension
    • 115AW suction power
    • 110,000 revolution per minute
    • 6-cell Li-ion battery
    • 5 hour charging time
    • 40 minutes running time
    • 54 liter bin capacity
    • 5 kg weight
    • Certified asthma and allergen-free
    • Built-in air filter
    • 2-years international warranty


      • Multi-functional 3-in-1 design
      • Easy attachments
      • Superior maneuverability


      • Low suction power
      • Does not have a warranty

      If you are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is extremely easy to use, then the Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum is an ideal option for you. It weighs a mere 1.8 KGs and comes with a swivel steering that makes it very easy to maneuver especially into tight spots. The 3-in-1 functionality means that this device can be used as a stick cleaner, hand-held cleaner, and a stair vacuum depending on your needs. The 18-feet-long power cord helps in the ease of operation, and you do not have to continuously keep plugging and unplugging it to get to all the areas.

      The vacuum cleaner is extremely user-friendly and comes with all the essential accessories required to make the whole cleaning experience a breeze for you. You get the floor brush, sofa/upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, 9.5-inch cleaning nozzle, and a large dirt cup. All of these accessories can be easily stored away when not in use. The dirt cup has a 0.5-liter capacity and washable thus giving you a cost-effective and hygienic option.

      For all the environment lovers this vacuum cleaner is packed in a green environment-friendly packaging material and has passed the frustration-free packaging certification. 


      • Bagless 3-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner
      • 240W motor power
      • 15.2 x 25.4 x 111.8 cm in dimension
      • 0.5 liter dirt cup capacity
      • 18-feet power cord
      • 9.5-inch cleaning reach
      • Swivel style steering
      • 3 cleaning brush included 


      • Patented pet hairbrush
      • 3-speed controls
      • 55 minutes of cleaning time


      • No warranty in India
      • Hard to operate on hard surfaces
      • Has a higher weight than other similar options

      Black Decker is known to provide excellent cleaning solutions. Its products are widely popular globally and stand out for fantastic features coupled with great durability and performance. The Black Decker Power Series Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a fabulous addition to the already amazing vacuum cleaner product range from this brand. This model not only gives you a quick and effortless cleaning option but is great for those tiny dust and debris particles that tend to escape unnoticed. If you have pets in the house and are troubled with pet hair and dander then this vacuum cleaner is a perfect solution for your problems.

      The vacuum cleaner is battery operated and uses a 20V battery for the same. The battery is a removable battery that can be easily removed from the vacuum cleaner and charged separately. It gives the device 55 minutes of run time. The battery operation also makes the appliance highly portable since it allows you to carry it anywhere without having to worry about a suitable PowerPoint. It also saves you the hassle and accidental slip-ups on the power cord. It has good suction power and effortlessly manages to remove all dust and dirt particles from the surfaces.

      The vacuum cleaner sports a unique 3x Cleaning System that takes care of all the dust and dirt particles through multiple surfaces including hard floor, curtains, and upholstery. Apart from the usual clean-up, this vacuum cleaner is excellent with pet hair. It comes with a patented pet hair brush bar that has unique rubber bristles. This brush is especially designed to tackle pet hair and dander. The rubber bristles loosen the pet hair from surfaces which is then easily sucked in by the vacuum cleaner.

      The device comes with a built-in filter cleaner. This improves the suction power of the device and makes it more convenient to maintain. The dirtbag carries a 0.75 litre capacity which is better than most stick vacuum cleaners. This gives you more time between dirt cup clean-ups and allows for longer cleaning sessions. You also get three-speed options of a low, medium, and high. These can be used as per the surface and the appropriate cleaning requirement.


      • Cordless stick vacuum cleaner
      • 20V battery operated
      • Self-standing with no support needed
      • 3 x 27.3 x 115.6 cm in dimension
      • 55 minutes of cleaning time
      • Floor head LED lights
      • 74 kg in weight 

      Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners



      • Long reach and flexible hose for inaccessible places coverage
      • Both wet and dry functionality
      • Great for floor cleaning


      • High noise decibels
      • Gets hot very quickly

      Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a must-have in the Indian household given the amount of dirt that finds its way inside the houses. The Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Micro WD10 with 3 in 1 Multifunction Wet/ Dry/ Blowing is ideal for any home that is looking to do away with the conventional method of cleaning. It is especially helpful during the COVID-induced pandemic where having a regular maid has become more dangerous due to increased exposure which has made life inconvenient and more tiresome. It is even more ideal for households with children where spillages are a common occurrence.

      With a 1000W motor, this appliance is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners you can find on the market. This motor allows the vacuum cleaner to give superior suction making it easier and quicker to clean the house. The high-power motor also allows gives you excellent performance with high efficiency. You get a 3 in 1 function of wet cleaner, dry cleaner, and dirt blower with this vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the machine sports a 1.8m hose with 3m long cables. This is further enhanced with the 4m long flexible power cord. These extensions give the vacuum cleaner a good reach of 7m making it more convenient for you to cover more area from a stationary spot without having to drag the vacuum cleaner to every corner and throughout the room surface.

      This Inalsa vacuum cleaner weighs a mere 4 kgs which makes it easier to transport and move around. The 360 degrees swivel wheels further enhance the ease of mobility. It also makes it easier for you to carry the vacuum cleaner through the different rooms or up and down the stairs as needed. It also sports a Secure Latch System that allows you to securely place the vacuum cleaner in a spot without worrying about it moving around. It also helps immensely when you have to clean out the vacuum cleaner after you are done with it.

      You do not have to worry about the machine taking in excess water during the wet clean session thanks to the Safe Bouy technology it features. This technology prevents the vacuum cleaner from sucking in excess water. It allows for an automatic cut-off feature that shuts down the vacuum cleaner when it reaches its water storage capacity. You then have to empty the vacuum cleaner before you can use it again hence ensuring that the machine stays protected against water damage.


      • Corded Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner
      • 3 in 1 functionality of wet, dry, and blow clean
      • 1000W motor power
      • 14KPA suction power
      • 10 liter tank capacity for wet function
      • 4 nozzle extensions
      • 3m extension tube
      • 8m flexible extension hose
      • 7m area reach
      • Tool storage places for convenient extension placement
      • Easy carry handle
      • Secure latch system
      • 360 degrees castor swivel wheels
      • 1-year manufacturer warranty 
      Eureka-Forbes-Trendy-Wet-and-Dry-DX1150W-Vacuum-Cleaner review


      • High portability and maneuverability
      • Strong suction power
      • Great technical support


      • The motor is prone to getting hot


      Eureka Forbes is one of the leading brands in vacuum cleaners. It is a widely popular brand and has proven its proficiency over the years in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. It is best known for providing solid features with great value for money. This vacuum cleaner is one of the best offered by Eureka Forbes and most suited for small families with kids looking for a dry and wet option.

      The Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet and Dry DX1150 vacuum cleaner sports a powerful 1150W motor. This gives the vacuum cleaner a strong suction feature making it easy to suck out the tiniest dirt from the surfaces without any hassle. It also allows the blower feature of the appliance to operate at high levels thereby easily dislodging the dirt from the tiny crevices and all the other nooks of your furniture.

      It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner which makes it easier and more convenient to carry around. The vacuum cleaner comes with 4 nozzle extensions to aid in cleaning all the different parts of the house. Further, the vacuum cleaner has an 8-meter cleaning radius with its extended hose and flexible pipe which makes it super convenient to clean larger areas from one spot.  There is a self-winding power cord feature as well that makes it easy to store the cord without fear of damage. Apart from this the automatic power cord winding also takes care of any accidental slip-ups on the cord. The 360 degrees swivel wheels at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner make it extremely convenient to handle and carry around. It also gives added stability to the vacuum cleaner.

      You do not have to worry about running out of space with this vacuum cleaner. It comes with a plastic dirt container that has a 10-litre capacity for dry waste and 8-liter capacity for water waste. This makes the appliance perfect for a long cleaning job without having to empty the dirt container frequently.


      • Corded dry and wet vacuum cleaner
      • 505 x 390 x 405 mm in dimension
      • 1150W motor power
      • 1800mm water suction power
      • 650 liter per minute blower efficiency
      • 360 degrees swivel wheels
      • 8-meter cleaning radius
      • 10-liter dry capacity
      • 8-liter wet capacity
      • 4 nozzle extensions
      • 1-year manufacturer warranty 


      • 1600W motor power
      • Washable dirt and dust bag
      • HEPA filter


      • Noisy performance


      The American Micronic- AMI-VCD21-1600WDx Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market with both wet and dry features. It excels in both dry and wet cleaning and is suitable for homes and office spaces looking for a multi-functional vacuum cleaner. It not only gives you excellent cleaning but also ranks high on the aesthetic front. It has a chrome finish stainless steel body with high gloss black plastic accents and an orange handle on top. If you want a vacuum cleaner that does the job well and looks stylish then this American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDx vacuum cleaner is the best bet for you.

      You get a host of nozzle attachments and accessories which combine to make the whole cleaning process smooth and super convenient. The flexible hose along with the extension pipes ensure that you can easily access all the hard-to-get places for a thorough house cleaning. The crevice nozzle has a tapered small nozzle that easily goes into the tiniest spaces to eliminate all the dust and dirt from all the difficult spots. There is also a blower function that helps in easily dislodging the dirt from all the spaces so you can suction it into the vacuum better and without any problems.

      The vacuum cleaner has 1600W motor power. This gives the appliance a strong and efficient suction mechanism that works well on both dry and wet particles. The vacuum comes with a whopping 21 liter dirt capacity. Hence you do not have to worry about cleaning out the dirt bin during your cleaning session. The castor system is a unique feature that allows you to simply dump the dirt and dust collected without having to lift the heavy dirt cannister. The high-efficiency HEPA filter takes care of all the dust, mite, dander, and other common air allergens from the air in the room giving you healthy and fresh air to breathe.


      • Corded wet and dry vacuum cleaner
      • 1600W motor power
      • 6 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm in dimension
      • 9 kg in weight
      • 220V power input
      • 21 liter dust and dirt capacity
      • 5 feet hose pipe
      • 2 x 1.5 feet extension pipe
      • 6 nozzle extensions
      • HEPA filter
      • 1-year manufacturer warranty 

      Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners



      • Very stylish
      • Strong suction power
      • Easy charge option with USB port


      • Slightly higher pricing
      • Takes 5 hours for full charging

      Eufy is a great brand for vacuum cleaners. It has gained popularity over other more prominent brands by delivering solid features and great performance. It also scored very high in the style department. The Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum Cleaner is a great example of perfect features with excellent performance and great looks. The brand has mid-range pricing across its products but is a good value of money despite the comparatively higher pricing.

      This vacuum cleaner is the Red Dot Design Award winner 2020 for cleaning performance and with good reason. It comes with a 5500 PA suction power. This allows the device to easily suck in all the usual dirt and dust particles including pet hair, dander, and cobwebs. It also features a 2-in-1 narrow crevice extension that is great for getting to all the hidden dirt from the sofa crevices, window sill railings, and other nooks and corners of the house. The usual broad mouth is used for other surface areas. Further, the in-built air filter effectively cleans up to 99.97% of dust particles from the air giving you clean air to breathe.

      It holds a 0.7-liter dirt capacity which is ideal for small cleaning up jobs. The vacuum cleaner is also great for car interiors. Weighing just a mere 0.5 kg, this vacuum cleaner is easily managed and puts little to no stress on the hands and wrists while cleaning. The compact size is also a great plus in the portability section. You can easily carry this vacuum cleaner on your trips especially outdoor trips to get a quick clean-up of the inevitable messes.

      Apart from being highly portable, the Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a quick charging feature. It sports a USB port for charging. Hence, you just have to plug it in the wall with your phone adapter. Additionally, you can also charge it with your power bank.


      • Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner
      • 5500 PA suction power
      • 38 x 15.19 x 9.4 cm in dimension
      • 500 g in weight
      • 7-liter dirt capacity
      • Micro USB charging port
      • 5 hours charging time
      • 13 minutes max suction power cleaning time
      • 2-years manufacturer warranty


        • Lightweight at 1.3 kg
        • Washable filter bag
        • Power boost function for quick cleaning


        • Difficult to find replacement parts
        • High price point

        The Black Decker HHVJ315JD10 Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice to make when it comes to hand-held vacuum cleaners. It is lightweight and comes with good suction power to take care of all the dirt easily. You will not have to repeatedly go over a particular spot to get the job done with this vacuum cleaner. It is also excellent with power efficiency that marks a bonus for this device.

        It has a 21AW suction power and uses only 10.8V of power. Though the suction power is not very high it is ideal for the small sections of cleaning this vacuum cleaner aims at. It is a great addition to the primary vacuum cleaner but cannot be used to clean the entire house. The suction function works on advanced lithium technology that enables the vacuum cleaner to pick up all the general debris in the house effortlessly. It also has a plastic pre-filter that stops any large debris from entering the vacuum cleaner. This prevents the device from any external damage and prolongs its lifespan.

        The device comes with two-speed options. The lower speed is ideal for delicate cleanings like curtains and desktop surfaces. The other speed option is the Power-boost. This option is good for faster and more effective cleaning since it gives you increased suction power and speed. The vacuum cleaner has a 0.5-liter dirt capacity and comes with a washable VBF10 filter bag. The dirt is accumulated in the plastic bin that is easily tipped out and washable for better hygiene.

        You also get a flip-up brush and an extended crevice nozzle. The flip-up brush makes it easier to dislodge stubborn dirt, especially from the upholstery while the crevice nozzle takes care of all the difficult-to-reach sort of places. Weighing a mere 1.3 kg, this hand-held vacuum cleaner makes for an excellent cleaning accessory. It comes with a wall jack port for charging and can be plugged into any one of your power points for hassle-free charging.


        • Hand-held vacuum cleaner
        • 21AW suction power
        • 6 x 45.7 x 112.7 cm in dimension
        • 10-hours charging duration
        • 5 liters dirt capacity
        • 3 kg weight
        • Washable VBF10 filter bag
        • 1-year limited warranty 


        • High power 800W motor gives better suction
        • Lightweight with shoulder strap for easy portability
        • Multipurpose functionality


        • Lacks cordless operation
        • Motor prone to heating
        • Cannot be used for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch

        The Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner is a highly portable vacuum cleaner that gives you a great cleaning routine. It is highly suitable for all of your daily cleaning jobs and comes with a handy blower feature along with the regular suction feature. It is also very lightweight and weighs a mere 1.8 kg. Being hand-held, this lightweight design helps in the overall functionality of the vacuum cleaner while making it very convenient to use. Apart from the weight ample thought has been given to the design as well. The vacuum cleaner has an egg-shaped elongated design that fits very conveniently under your arm thereby giving you ample room to maneuver the device easily.

        It sports an 800W motor that gives you a high 1600mm/cc suction power. The high suction power coupled with a good air circulation flow of 14 liters/sec makes the vacuum cleaner highly efficient at all the basic cleaning requirements. It also enables the device to pick up all the pet dander, dust mites, and other harmful allergens from the room. Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner is somewhat challenged when it comes to removing stains from the floor but then this is a hand-held cleaner that is meant for little cleaning jobs and not a full-on vacuum cleaner like cannister cleaners.

        Apart from the sucking function, this vacuum cleaner also has a blower function. This is very useful for displacing dirt and dust from difficult areas which can then be easily sucked in by the suction feature of the cleaner. You get a host of accessories with the device including flexible pipe, extension nozzles, upholstery brush, tube, and carpet nozzle. All these combine to give you the best cleaning experience.


        • Hand-held compact vacuum cleaner
        • 800W motor power
        • 14 liters/sec airflow
        • 1600 mm water column suction power
        • 25 x 12.6 x 17.5 cm in dimension
        • 8 kg weight
        • 5-liter dirt capacity
        • 18 feet power cord length
        • 5 nozzle extensions
        • 1-year manufacturer warranty 

        Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners



        • Alexa enabled
        • Good with floors both wooden and tiles
        • 3 stage cleaning options


        • Lacks wet vacuuming option
        • Tends to get stuck in tight corners
        • Cannot be used for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch

        If you are more inclined towards a robotic vacuum cleaner and want to do away with the whole old-fashioned manual vacuuming, then this vacuum cleaner from ECOVAS is the perfect bet for you. The Ecovacs Deebot 500 is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner that silently goes about its work with a fantastic efficiency that will leave you in awe. You will wonder why you continued with the manual option when there is such a hassle-free automatic option available.

        The device sports a 3-stage Cleaning System that combines to give you the best cleaning experience. The Auto-mode is best suited for large spaces like your floor. The Edge-mode comes with detailed bristles that are suited for dislodging dirt and debris especially from the corners and edges of the surface. Lastly, you have the Spot-mode which is for a one spot cleaning and suited for removing stubborn stains and dirt. Apart from these, you have three-speed controls including a max speed function. In this, the vacuum cleaner gives you high suction power and doubles up the speed to give quick and strong results

        There is an in-built Collision Sensor in the device. This prevents it from colliding with any furniture pieces, walls, and corners of the room. It also allows the vacuum cleaner to stay away from crashing into you or any other person in the room. It also comes with noise control technology to deliver a noiseless performance. The high-quality air filters in the appliance ensure that all the dust-borne allergens are removed from the air in the room.

        A robotic cleaner is designed as a round-shaped device and extremely compact. Hence it can be easily stored on any shelf or drawer. The compact design also makes it extremely portable especially in comparison to other vacuum cleaner options. The device is small but it is capable of holding a good 520ml of dirt. This coupled with the high running time on a single charge makes this device ideal for any household.

        Operating the Ecovacs Deoboot 500 is a dream. The device is equipped with Alexa control for easy voice commands. It also comes with an Ecovacs Home App that enables you to control the device through your smartphone. The timer feature is another great feature to have. With this, you can schedule a cleaning session on the device and have it start the job remotely from anywhere.


        • Automatic robotic vacuum cleaner
        • 2 cm cleaning path
        • 2 x 33.2 x 7.9 cm in dimension
        • 7 kg weight
        • 3 cleaning modes
        • Anti-collision and anti-drop sensors
        • Soft rubber cushions on edges for protection
        • Alexa and Google voice support
        • Smart app control 


        • Both dry and wet cleaning function
        • I-Dropping technology prevents excess water dispensation
        • Gives 110 minutes of run time


        • Collision sensors are not up to the mark
        • Does not have smart functionality

        The ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and Water Mopping is a device that comes loaded with great features to give you an amazing cleaning performance. It is relatively noiseless with a high suction power that makes it ideal for your home. The best part is that it gives you both dry and wet functions. Hence, you can easily clean away any spills and stains along with the general dust and debris messes.

        This device is lightweight and weighs only 2.2 kgs. It comes with a decent dustbin capacity of 300 ml and has a grade ability of 15 degrees. With this capacity, the appliance is good to cover a large area before you need to change and clean the dust container. Also, once the appliance is done with the cleaning it automatically goes to the charging area and automatically settles in the charging dock. Hence, no manual charging setup is required by the device. It requires between 4 to 6 hours for charging depending on how depleted the battery is and gives you a good 100 to 120 minutes of run time.

        Further, the device comes with two suction modes of low and high. This is accompanied by 4 cleaning modes of auto, spot, edge, and max mode. You can choose which setting you want to depend on the cleaning area and surface. Another great advantage of the device is that it is a slim appliance that can easily clean under the beds, sofas, and other difficult and often unlooked places to give you a dust-free home.


        • Robotic cordless vacuum cleaner
        • 30 x 30 x 7.6 cm in dimension
        • 2 kg in weight
        • 8-inch cleaning path
        • 120 minutes run time
        • 6 hours full charging time
        • I-drop control water dispenser
        • 2 side brushes for better cleaning
        • Anti-collision and anti-drop sensors
        • Automatic charging dock return
        • 4 cleaning modes and 2 suction modes 


        • Good for cleaning all floor types
        • Dirt bin capacity indicator
        • High-efficiency air filter


        • High price point
        • Lacks wet cleaning feature

        iRobot has made quite a name for itself with the robotic vacuum cleaner market. With the growing popularity of robotic cleaners, the brand has managed to tap into the majority of the market space by giving customers a great device that comes loaded with cleaning features and smart functionality. It ranks very well in the performance department and takes full points for being stylish and noiseless.

        The iRobot Roomba 971 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is a battery-operated device that gives you high suction power with its Aero-force 3-stage cleaning system. It also sports Dual Counter Rotating Extractor with a grooved design that effortlessly picks up dirt and debris in the room. This makes it capable of cleansing your house of all the dirt and dust efficiently. The vacuum cleaner also features an Aero-force high-efficiency air filter that traps air particles up to 10 microns and eliminates 99% of air allergens.

        It makes use of the trade-marked iAdapt 2.0 vSlam Navigation system to easily navigate through the entire floor or section of your house without getting stuck or leaving out spots. Visual Localization helps you keep track of the device and enables you to know its whereabouts at all times. It utilizes this real-time navigation and other high-quality sensors to cover all the areas on the floor and expertly avoid all the clutter and furniture in the house.

        Additionally, the device is equipped with optical and acoustic sensors that help it in identifying areas with a high concentration of dirt and debris to give that spot a thorough cleaning. Hence, you get specialized real-time cleaning adaptation with this appliance for an absolute spot-less cleaning experience.

        The appliance is compatible with Alexa and Google Assist for voice commands. It also comes with an iRobot app that allows for remote control through your smartphone. You can use the app for scheduling cleaning sessions and also to get real-time updates on the job status. The appliance is capable of running for 75 minutes on a general cleaning ode. It automatically goes to the charging dock when the battery runs out and resumes cleaning post charging.


        • 35 x 9.1 x 9.1 cm in dimension
        • Cordless robotic vacuum cleaner
        • 9 kg in weight
        • 1 cm cleaning path
        • 3-stage cleaning system
        • Motor with 10,000 RPM spins per minute
        • vSlam navigation technology
        • Alexa and Google Assist compatible
        • 75-minute of running time
        • 2-year manufacturer warranty 

        Buying Guide for Vacuum Cleaners

        A vacuum cleaner serves the basic purpose of cleaning a surface. However, there are various types of surfaces and various cleaning needs that vary from household to household. Some people need a vacuum cleaner for a comprehensive cleaning and want to completely replace the conventional manual mopping and brooming style, while others only want it as an addition to the general cleaning routine that takes care of specific cleaning needs and areas that are often overlooked in the general routine like the upholstery, corners, curtains, carpets, etc.

        The vacuum cleaners come with different nozzles and extensions that make them suitable for different types of cleaning. However, not all vacuum cleaners are the same. You need to decide which one is most suitable for your needs and buy accordingly. Certain factors help in making the correct decision and save you the trouble and heartache of making a wrong choice. These factors are discussed below.

        Types of Vacuum Cleaners

        It is good to start with the type of vacuum cleaner you want. There are primarily 5 different types of vacuum cleaners that are available in India. They are categorized as per the style, motor capacity, and cleaning performance. Each category has its purpose and specialty. You should choose the type that most suits your cleaning requirement.

        Cannister Vacuum Cleaner

        This is the most popular type of vacuum cleaner in the market. Most households prefer the cannister vacuum cleaner because of its multipurpose functionality. These vacuum cleaners sport a cylindrical body with a suction hose or pipe attached to it. The cylinder body contains the dirtbag/bin and the motor. There are various extension attachments and brushes with different nozzles that are attached to the hose pipe for cleaning purposes depending on the cleaning surface and area.

        You need to drag the whole cylindrical body along with the pipe for cleaning different areas which can prove to be somewhat cumbersome. There are wheels attached to the bottom to help with the portability but these vacuum cleaners are generally on the heavier side, so it is a little arduous to operate.

        The vacuum cleaner is a multi-functional cleaner that works well on all areas of concern even the upholstery, ceiling, and fans. You need to change the dirt bags or clean them at regular intervals to avoid overloading them with dirt and debris that can not only lower the efficiency but can also damage the vacuum cleaner motor.



        Best cleaning efficiency

        Power cord makes it cumbersome to use

        All-purpose cleaner with multi-functional use

        Bulky to move around

        Relatively noise-free


        Upright Vacuum Cleaners

        These vacuum cleaners are starting to gain popularity in the Indian markets. The best thing about upright vacuum cleaners is that it removes the need to bend while vacuuming. With upright vacuum cleaners, you can adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner to a comfortable vacuum in an upright position. This makes it very convenient to use and a great boon for those with back problems.

        Upright vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning large areas like the floors and carpets. These come with a cleaning brush that stays very close to the surface making it ideal for regular cleaning of the floors. It has a foot pedal that makes it even easier to operate. Further, the suction mechanism is superior to the cannister model making it more appropriate for floor cleaning.

        Unfortunately, upright vacuum cleaners are also heavier devices. This restricts mobility especially up and down the flight of stairs. It also cannot be used to clean curtains, fans, and other specialized areas. However, this vacuum cleaner is the best when it comes to floors.



        Lack of attachments make it easier to store since

        Cannot be used to clean upholstery and other areas

        Dust bags with higher capacity

        It is heavier in comparison making it difficult to move around

        Upright and height-adjustable make it more convenient to operate


        Stick Vacuum Cleaners

        These are the second most widely popular vacuum cleaners in the market. Stick vacuum cleaners are pretty much the same as upright vacuum cleaners with the added benefit of being relatively lighter in comparison. Stick vacuum cleaners have a stick with an attached container that containers the motor and the dust container. They are generally cordless and run-on batteries. Hence, stick vacuum cleaners are very easy to operate and carry to different sections of the house.

        The biggest drawback with stick vacuum cleaners is that it is good for a small cleaning job only. The lightweight and compact design mean that the vacuum cleaner has a small dust capacity and comes with a smaller motor power as well.



        Cordless operation

        Only good for small cleaning routines

        Great for people having back problems since you do not have to bend to clean with this device

        Relatively more expensive

        Light and very user-friendly


        Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

        If you are interested in a lightweight handy sort of vacuum cleaner then a handheld vacuum cleaner is the best option for you. Handheld vacuum cleaners are the lightest of all vacuum cleaners and rank very high in flexibility and versatility. A lighter device is more convenient and can be used for cleaning outside areas like your car interiors as well.

        These vacuum cleaners do not have a dirt bag but come with an in-built dirt bin. They are also cord-free and operate on rechargeable batteries. The newer model seven sport an air filter that eliminates air allergens and all dust particles.



        Lightweight and easy maneuverability

        Lower run times

        Good for cleaning sofas, upholstery, curtains, and other specific areas

        Cannot be used for heavy-duty cleaning

        Lower price point


        Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

        These vacuum cleaners are the most advanced type of vacuum cleaner. They sport a roundish design with rubber bumpers and are a compact little device. The robotic vacuum cleaners come with special AI features and timer functionality. It allows you to remotely control the vacuum cleaner from your smartphone. Newer models also sport Alexa and Google Assist features for voice commands.

        They are battery operated and some even dock themselves automatically to the power station for charging. Its small and compressed design allows the vacuum cleaner to easily clean under the furniture like the sofa, bed, and table. However, these devices have a smaller dirt bin capacity and require frequent cleaning of the bins.



        Automatic cleaning functionality

        Cannot clean surfaces at a height like a sofa

        Can be pre-programmed for a cleaning session

        Small dirt bin capacity

        Easily cleans difficult to reach areas like under the furniture


        Motor and Suction Power

        The cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is directly related to the motor power of the vacuum cleaner. The higher the motor power the greater the suction capacity and hence the better the cleaning performance of the device. The cheaper vacuum cleaners have lower suction power and are therefore not very effective at cleaning. You should always check the power to judge the cleaning efficiency.

        Bagged or Bagless

        Bagless vacuum cleaners are more convenient than bagged vacuum cleaners. It is also more cost-effective than bagged vacuum cleaners. With bagless cleaners, you need to tip out the dirt and debris in the dirt bin and clean it regularly. You just have to be careful about clearing the dirt bin otherwise you might damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner. However, bagged vacuum cleaners have a greater dirt capacity that allows you to use the vacuum cleaner without the hassle of frequent cleaning.

        Dirt Capacity

        The dirt bin or the dirt bag capacity is a very important factor to take into consideration. This capacity defines the area you can cover with the vacuum machine. For a smaller vacuum cleaner, a 0.5 liter capacity is good since it only does specific areas. However, big vacuum cleaners like cannister should have at least a 1.5 liter dirt capacity.

        Noise Levels

        Some vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise while others have a more silent operation. The noisier versions are generally less expensive than the noiseless models. However, it is best to stay away from really noisy models since you will be using the device frequently. It is also better to shell out a little extra and get the less noisy vacuum cleaner if you have little children, pets, or elderly in the house that are more sensitive to noise.

        Physical vs Online

        Online buying is generally a better option since it gives you better deals and more discounts than physical shops. However, before you make a decision you should always physically try out the vacuum cleaner to see how it feels and how well you will be able to operate it before you buy it.


        You should pay special attention to the extensions and accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner. The various attachments are what helps you in getting the kind of cleaning you want. The crevice nozzle is extremely important for tight corners and upholstery cleaning. The wide sofa brush is another important accessory you require for a thorough sofa and curtain cleaning. Without the appropriate extensions, the vacuum cleaner cannot give you the cleaning proficiency and versatility you expect.

        Automatic Cord Wrap-Up

        For vacuum cleaners that come with a power cord, it is very annoying to physically wrap the cord for storing. These days most vacuum cleaners give you the option of automatic cord wrap-up. With the press of a button, the cord automatically withdraws in the allotted section leaving you free from the hassle of manually doing it.


        You must read the fine print of the warranty offered on the device. Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty period on the product. Some high-end products come with a 2-year warranty as well. You could even consider opting for an extended warranty that covers the suction filters and motor.

        Wrapping Up

        Vacuum cleaners are an amazing invention. These devices help you in keeping your house clean and free from harmful dust and air allergens. However, it can be a daunting decision to make with all the available choices in the market. You can now easily make the right choice with the helpful pointers in this buying guide and the top vacuum cleaners listed in the review.


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