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Our aim is becoming the de facto online destination for people seeking top notch air, water purification devices and vacuum cleaner units. We are proud to publish totally honest, unbiased product reviews and buying guides. These are published after conducting extensive research.

Keeping our website up and running is quite expensive. Our endeavors are supported by brands that manufacture air, water purifying devices and popular online retailers such as Amazon. By utilizing these professional relationships, we can expand the website and carry out extensive product research, and publish useful content. As a reader, you will not need to pay anything for accessing the site and that is something that will not change.

We’d like to make sure that total transparency about the affiliate relationships is maintained. Our disclosure is:

  • Rejure has and in the future will develop ties with companies that manufacture products related to air purification, water purification and vacuum cleaning segments. This is usually an affiliate cost-per-click program. We get commissions courtesy product and brand page links. While these commissions aid us in running the site, they do not impact the reviews or opinions.
  • If a customer buys any product using the affiliate links, we get a commission. However, in case the customer is unhappy and chooses to return the product, that commission is rescinded. We, however, never use the affiliate links to promote any inferior products.
  • We are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and that entitles us to receive a commission if a reader visits any Amazon link while browsing our website and then makes a purchase.
  • We do not get any financial payments from the brands whose products we promote or review. However, we may receive free products from such manufacturer or seller for reviewing needs. However, receiving such free products does not have an impact on editorial integrity. Since we share affiliate relationships with some brands, we ensure the measures are taken so that the relationships do not impact editorial integrity. These are:
  • Ratings for products usually are generated by using a special comprehensive evaluation system. It collects verified customer and customer experiences from several online sources along with in depth internal product testing.
  • Our writers and editorial staffs are unaware of the brands when they actually review a product.
  • While our writers do not offer ratings and reviews by consulting the product manufacturers, they may have to contact them occasionally to get updates and confirm details. These include product nuances like price, warranty, materials and shipping. These consultations are in no way part of the rating system

If you have any concern or query about the site content, do contact us for the details.

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