Rejure Privacy Policy


This is a disclosure of privacy policies for Rejure and that is applicable to the website and data collected by the entity.

Collection, Usage, And Sharing of Data

Rejure remains the sole owner of the data collected by this website when you begin using it. This information is given by you to use by consent through email communications. We may use information like your name, address, email, location and similar identifying information for getting in touch with you. However, we do not share such data with any third-party entity without your approval.

We may also send email to update you regarding the new products launched by us and special offers from time to time. We may also mail you regarding any changes made to our privacy policy, unless you bar us from doing so.

You are free to discontinue any future communication from our side if you wish so, at any time. You may want to see the data we store, alter or rectify the data, ask to delete data and express privacy woes. You also have the option of using the unsubscribe link in our emails to ensure you no longer get any emails from us. 


We aim to shield the privacy of your data, online and offline. When any sensitive data such as credit card information is collected, it is encrypted for optimum security and prevention of unauthorized access. You can check this out too.

We also deploy measures to ensure your information is safeguarded offline. Only a few employees get access to the stored data and 24×7 monitoring is in place to prevent offline data breach. The servers reside in safe and tamper-proof environment.

Our privacy policy shows that we are committed to safeguarding user privacy and security. We are entitled to make alterations to our policy any time, sans prior notice.

Cookie Policy

Our website makes use of cookies to improve our functions as well as services for the users. Cookies are basically small text files placed in the browsers of the users by the website’s PCs. These are used to store user device information after he/she visits our website for the first time. However, the cookies are unable to access any data that you choose not to share with us.

At Rejure, we make use of both third-party and 1st party cookies. The latter is sent by us while the third party cookies come from the third party vendors like the advertisement companies. While these have no effect on your privacy/security, you may still choose to block cookies from the web browser you use, at any time. Remember, blocking the cookies may limit a few features of the website.

This policy may alter without prior notice. You are advised to check the last updated date at the page’s top section to find out the last date of update.

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