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How to Clean Washing Machine?

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Semi-Automatic Vs. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Last Updated on November 26, 2020 by Ashwini G

The invention of various machines has changed lives miraculously. One such creation is the washing machines. They have prevented the effort, energy, and time of many. Washing clothes physically is a strenuous task. Unlike other domestic chores like cooking or dusting, washing doesn’t allow multitasking. It is a cumbersome task to move off from the laundry and get back to it. Various cloth types need more time to wash and rinse. Thankfully, your washing machine can deal with all the troubles with no hassles.

When you plan to get a washing machine for your home, the choice between the full-automatic and the semi-automatic machines spring up. This article entails facts and information on both the washing machine types. Weighing the pros and cons and understanding essential features aid in opting for the right washing machine.

What Is the Fundamental Difference?

As the very names suggest, a fully automatic washing machine does the job all by itself. Manual intervention is not required when you opt for a fully automatic machine.

When it comes to semi-automatic machines, manual intervention is a must. But that does not mean you have loads of work to do. A portion of work is manual when you use the semi-automatic machine.

Let us get into the features, pros, and working mechanism of the fully automatic machine.

Get to Know About the Fully Automatic Machine

You can expect an efficient cleaning when using these types of machines. Fully automatic washing machines use the latest technology to offer a varied range of washing modes and programs. Pressing the buttons relevant to your needs is the only work you do. The features of these machines vary a lot. More advanced features are available in machines of the high price range.

An example is the existence of a hot washing cycle. This feature uses a built-in heating function. Load the laundry, and forget it until the machine notifies with a sound. You have no role to perform amid the cleaning process.

How About Going for a Semi-Automatic Machine?

Semi-automatic machines are popular choices in the Indian market. One of the crucial reasons is the cost factor. They are far cheaper than the fully automatic machine. Their automation is partial, and manual intervention is required to complete the task. When you use a semi-automatic washing machine, you need to fill the tub with water before washing. After washing, you need to drain the water.

Manual intervention is required when you want to dry the washed clothes. You can find two different tubs in the semi-automatic machine. The larger one is for cleaning and the smaller for drying. From the washing tub, pull the clothes out, and place them in the drying tub.

But, you can, however, save on two things- water and money. They do not need a water supply throughout the process. You can save on water this way. Also, they are a lot cheaper compared with the full-automatic washing machines.

The choice of the apt washing machine relies on the prerequisites of the user. Identifying the requirements can help in going for the right machine. It makes it essential to get to know the pros and cons of each type of washing machine.

Consider the following factors to grab the right washing machine for your home needs.

What Is Your Budget?

It is the primary factor to check before moving on to others. Semi-automatic washing machines are less expensive compared with their fully automatic counterparts. The former is the apt choice if you do not want to burn a hole in the wallet. But do not forget that the fully automatic machines offer much for the higher price tag.

How Much Time Can You Contribute?

Can you spare some decent amount of time when the washing process is on? Then the semi-automatic machine is a good option. But, when you want to get the task done with no manual intervention, then a fully automatic washing machine gets the vote. For busy professionals, working women, older people, and students, the semi-automatic machine can be too daunting. Loading the tub, adding water, transferring the washed clothes to the drying tub can consume a reasonable amount of time. Also, a few machines require soaking for longer hours and washing the dirtier clothes. If you do not mind manual intervention at least half-a-dozen times, which means it takes more time for the washing process, then go for the semi-automatic machines.

Because semi-automatic machines do not spend lots of time washing, like the fully automatic machines, it is the manual intervention that again makes the difference.


Fully automatic machines win when it comes to efficient cleaning. In semi-automatic machines, do not expect the same performance. The fully automatic machines are available with a wide range of features. They have designs to offer high standards of performance to suit the requirements of varied users. To achieve the efficiency of spotless washing, go only for a fully automatic machine.


Semi-automatic machines require more space compared with fully automatic machines. Their dual tubs make this necessary. If you cannot afford more space, a fully automatic machine must be your choice.

Water Quantity and Quality

A fully automatic washing machine consumes a lot of water, requiring water connectivity throughout the process. A semi-automatic machine takes less water, which is an advantage. If your locale has hard water and washing clothes happens with a water source different from your taps, choose the semi-automatic machine. It is because you fill the water in the cleaning tub and take advantage of this operation.


Fully automatic machines are safer than semi-automatic machines. The latter is susceptible to electric shock. Though the chances are less likely, this is a factor one cannot rule out when weighing the pros and cons.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages in each case before arriving at a decision. As a user, it is your needs that make the type of washing machine a perfect choice.


Do the Fully Automatic Washing Machines Damage the Clothes?

Delicate clothes get damaged in higher settings. Choosing the right setting for the kind of fabric to be washed helps prevent the damage.

Do Semi-Automatic Machines Last Longer Than Fully Automatic Machines?

The durability of the washing machines depends on two factors- the quality and usage. Washing machines from trusted brands are the right choice. Also, using the machine to match its load capacity can ensure the machine will last longer.

Is High Water Pressure Necessary for Washing Machines?

It is right in the case of the fully automatic washing machine. The fully automatic machines need high power water pressure. When you have lower water pressure at home, a pump that increases the water pressure helps.

Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine?

Space requirements, brand, type, and budget are the factors that you cannot rule out.

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