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How to Clean Washing Machine?

How to Clean Washing Machine?

We know cleaning the washing machine is a hassling task. But don't worry, in this article, we will discuss some of the easiest ways to keep your washing...

Top loading Vs. Front Loading – Which Is the Best?

Last Updated on November 26, 2020 by Ashwini G

In earlier days before the advent of washing machines, people spent lots of effort in washing clothes. This painstaking task of cleaning the clothes made them tired for other tasks of the day. The advent of washing machines made the process less cumbersome and less strenuous.

When it comes to buying a washing machine, several questions may arise. One of them is choosing between front-loading machines and the top-loading machines. It is not an easy task to choose between the two unless you know each type of washing machine’s pros and cons. If you are in a dilemma, find info about these two types of washing machines. Pick the one that suits your prerequisites and budget.

What Is a Top-Loading Washing Machine?

The very name tells you that you need to drop the clothes from the top of the machine. These are the popular ones in India. When you go for the top-loading washing machines, you can choose between automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. There are a few factors you must be aware of before you choose the top-loading washing machine.

  • Top-loading machines make use of more water compared with front-loading washing machines. It is because water usage is higher to soak the clothes.
  • When using a top-loading washing machine, you can be sure of the convenience. One doesn’t have to bend or sit in a specific posture to load the clothes.
  • A top-loading machine requires more power compared with a front-loading machine.
  • The agitator in the front-loading washing machine makes the entire process faster. If you require a machine that consumes less time, then the top-loading is a wise choice.
  • One of the most significant pros of using this type of machine is that you can add clothes during any time of the washing cycle. If you have forgotten to add a cloth, or something new comes up, open the door at the top, and add the cloth to the machine. The process resumes immediately after shutting the lid.
  • Top-loading machines are far cheaper compared with their front-loading counterparts. If you are on a stringent budget, buy this type of washing machine without spending a lot.

What Is a Front-Loading Washing Machine?

The loading of clothes in the front-loading washing machine is through the lid at the front. These types of machines are popular in western countries, and they are fully automatic machines only. Get to know the essential facts you should know about front-loading washing machines.

  • If you are keen on conserving water, power, and energy, front-loading washing machines are a great choice. Water usage is lesser in these machines, thanks to the tumbling action. Compared with the top-loading version, these machines require only 60% of water.
  • The power consumption of the front-loading washing machine is hence lower. As the water requirement is less, it doesn’t have to spend energy and power on the motor for water flow.
  • There are certain downsides to using front-loading washing machines. You need to bend or squat to add clothes to these machines. Also, there is no way of adding clothes mid-cycle. It is not for the users who want a lesser price tag. The time for the washing process is higher in these machines. However, the performance and efficiency of the front-loading washing machine are higher.

Weigh these pros and cons of front and top-loading washing machines to arrive at the right decision. Find what type of machine suits your needs and how much you can spend on it. Analyzing your needs is the key to identify the right fit for washing your clothes.


Front Vs. Top Load Washing Machine, What Is a Better Choice?

Front loading washing machines are expensive; however, their high price range is justifiable. They consume less energy and water and offer a more efficient wash. This makes a front-loading washing machine a better choice despite being on the pricier side.

Which Washing Machine Uses More Water? a Front or Top Loading Washing Machine?

Front loading washing machines use less water and energy as compared to their top-loading counterparts.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Front-Loading Washing Machine?

Some of the primary disadvantages of a front-loading washing machine are that users need to bend over to load the laundry into the machine, and the washing tub may emit musty odors if not cleaned properly.

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