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Washing Machine Buying Guide India – 2020

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 by Ashwini G

A washing machine is one of the most important investments of a home. With the multiple types and features available in a washing machine, it is not as simple as it used to be to buy one. With the washing machine buying guide, we have listed the essentials that will help you make an informed decision. Here you will find  information like:

  • What is a washing machine?
  • Reasons to buy a washing machine
  • Washing machine buying guide

What Is a Washing Machine?

Before we move onto the main part of the article, washing machine buying guide, lets first know what a washing machine is. A washing machine is a home appliance that is used to wash laundry. This term is applied to machines that make use of water to clean the clothes rather than using dry cleaning technology.

Why Should You Buy a Washing Machine?

If you are confused about whether you should buy a washing machine or not, we are here to help you. Many Indian households wash their clothes by hand, buy buying a washer can be of immense help. Let’s know the reasons why buying a washing machine is worthy.


Using a washing machine to wash clothes is more convenient and requires fewer efforts. Also, you save a lot of time and effort by not washing clothes by hand, which can be used for some other important tasks at home.


Manual washing cannot clean clothes as thoroughly as washing machines. Technology has evolved over the years, and there are more and more features packed into the machine for efficient washing.


Most washing machines have a built-in dryer in them that can dry clothes to an extent. Thus, you do not have to worry about the climate outside to dry your clothes.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

We shall now look at the various features that you will come across when you go shopping for a washing machine. This washing machine buying guide will help you know everything in detail and shall solve all your doubts.

Types of Washing Machines

There are four types of washing machines, as mentioned below:

  • Fully automatic washing machines
  • Semi-automatic washing machines
  • Top loading washing machines
  • Front loading washing machines

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

The washing process in these machines is fully automated, and there is minimal human intervention. It includes one tub for washing as well as drying. All you need to do is put the clothes in the machine and start. There is no need to fill the drum with water and remove the clothes are shift it to the drying tub. You need to remove the clothes for rack drying after the complete process of washing, rinsing, and dry ends.

Benefits of Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Minimal human intervention

You can relax while the clothes are being washed in the machine or even get out of the home to run errands. The washing pours the water itself for wash, rinse, then also dries the clothes and shuts off.

Advanced technology

Most washing machines are powered with the latest technologies like fuzzy logic, hot water supply, temperature control, etc.

Drawbacks of Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Consume a lot of energy
  • Makes noise while functioning
  • Heavy
  • Needs continuous water supply at optimal pressure
  • Expensive when compared to semi-automatic washing machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These are entry-level washers. They contain two tubs, one for washing and another for drying. You need to put the clothes in the washing tub and shift it manually to the drying tub. When compared to the fully automatic washing machine, this type requires a lot of human intervention. If you have back problems, then this type is definitely not for you. If you have a limited budget, then you may go for this option.

Benefits of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
Energy Efficient

The semi-automatic washing machine consumes less electricity when compared to the other types.


You need to pour water manually into the washer, and you can control the amount of water to be poured.

No Continuous Supply Of Water

The semi-automatic washing machine does not require a constant water supply. The water has to be poured manually by the bucket. This is an excellent option to consider during a water crisis.

Drawbacks of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines
Require Manual Intervention

This machine requires a lot of manual work like pouring water, moving clothes from the washing tub to drying tub.

Electrical Hazards

If the Electricity connection is not earthed properly, then there are chances of getting a shock.  To avoid this, it is wise to unplug the washing machine while shifting clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Top Load Washing Machines

In this type of washing machine, clothes are loaded from the top as the tub sits vertically in the washer. It is a fully automatic washing machine with a single tub for washing as well as drying. The machine is connected to the water inlet tap, and it controls when you start or stop the water from maintaining the level. The top load washing machines do not have as many wash programs as compared to the front load washing machine but are simple to operate and also affordable.

Benefits of Top Load Washing Machines


In fully automatic washing machines, the top load machine is inexpensive compared to the front load washer. The price varies from INR 15000 to INR 40000.

Flexible Design

Loading and unloading from the top make it easy to use. People suffering from back pain can easily operate the machine.

User-Friendly Design

You can even add clothes after the wash cycle has started. There is no need to wait for the existing wash cycle to complete. This saves a lot of time and money.

Wash Programs

Though top load machines have fewer wash programs, they are enough for every fabric type.

Front-Load Washing Machines

In this type, clothes are loaded from the front as the drum sits horizontally. It has the most advanced technology today. They are loaded with multiple features like soaking, hot water supply, time to start and stop, 30+ wash programs as well as a child lock.

Benefits of Front Load Washing Machines

  • 30+ wash programs
  • Ideal in washing delicate clothes
  • Requires less water to soak and wash clothes
  • Washes clothes very efficiently with its advanced wash features

Determining Capacity of Washing Machine to Buy

The number of people in your family determines the washing machine capacity. The capacity is measured in kilograms and is linked to the weight of the clothes. Some clothes take up less space but are heavy like jeans while some are lightweight and take up a lot of space like a blanket. Ensure to fill the drum one third only so that the clothes can easily move around. The table below will help you understand the numbers properly.

Wash Frequency

If you are a large family and wash clothes twice a week, then you are suggested to buy a washing machine of large capacity. On the other hand, if you wash clothes twice a month, then a medium size washing machine will be useful. Considering your wash frequency while choosing a machine also matters.

Washing Functions

Now that you know the different types of washing machines and their capacity, it is not time to understand the various washing programs.

Quick Wash

This program is available in every fully automatic washing machine. This feature allows you to wash your clothes in half the time. It takes around 15 to 30 minutes to wash and dry your clothes. The only drawback is that it limits the number of clothes it can take.


This feature is for heavily soiled clothes. Once you set this feature, it will first soak the clothes thoroughly before the regular wash cycle.

Daily Wash

This is the feature of the regular washing of clothes. It uses less time and water for clothing that you wash daily.

Delicate clothing

Your delicate clothes like woolens can be damaged if you put them through the regular wash cycle. They are required to be washed at a special mode that uses a low temperature and minimum drum rotation so that it does not wear and tear.


There is a special wash program to wash your regular cotton clothes. It uses hot water to clean regular cotton clothes thoroughly.

Easy Care

This wash program is for non-cotton clothing like viscose and polyester that require delicate washing. If the machine you are looking for does not have this program, you can wash your clothing on a delicate wash program.

Temperature Control

If the washing machine has an in-built heater, then this feature will help regulate the temperature of the water. This feature is useful in the winter when the water is too cold. When compared to cold water, hot water cleans clothes better. Some machines also come with a steam setting that fights stains effectively.

Fuzzy Logic

The fuzzy logic feature chooses an appropriate washing condition automatically based on the clothing quality you are washing. It also notices the weight of the clothes and understands how much time, water, and detergent is required for washing. Thus, there is no need to worry about the settings because the machine does it all on its own.

Delay Start

The delay start features give you an option to load the washing machine but start the process afterward. This feature is ideal if you wish to shun the noise at specific times.

LED Display

An LED display on a washing machine can help you see detailed information about the wash program and time remaining for the cycle. A few machines also come with touchscreen displays, but they are priced higher.

Bubble Wash

The bubble wash feature in your washing machine is a good option to have. It produces small bubbles that go deeper inside the fabric and clean the clothes thoroughly. Different brands have different terms for this feature. For example, Panasonic calls it ‘Active Foam’ while Samsung names it ‘Eco Bubble.’


This feature is available only in select washing machines. It dries out the clothes entirely after washing. Thus, you do not need to hang it on a wire for drying.

Steam Wash

Steam wash is one of the advanced features and available only in high-end washing machines at present. It makes use of steam, humidity, and heat to wash the clothes. The clothes pass through the steam with force, and this helps in removing the tough stains

Drum Material

The drum is either made of stainless steel, plastic, or porcelain-enamel. Plastic drums last longer when compared to enamel that rust and chip. The stainless steel drums are the best because they can withstand high-speed spin and are also long-lasting.

Spin Cycle

The spin cycle feature dries clothes. More revolutions per minute mean better the ability to dry clothes. The spin cycle revolutions for delicate clothes are between 300 to 500 RPM. On the other hand, for thicker and heavier clothes, the revolution is approx -1,000 rpm.

Wash Settings

A few machines come with wash settings such as water level alternatives as well as a gentle wash for delicate clothes. With this setting, it is possible to customize and save your regular setting via the touchscreen panel. These washing machines are not even expensive.


The full form of RPM is ‘Revolutions Per Minute.’ It is the speed at which the tub spins. The higher the count, the better the process is at drying clothes. A few washing machines allow you to adjust the revolutions per minute, depending on the number of clothes you are washing. For instance, you can set the feature to 600 rpm for delicates while 1200 rpm for towels and blankets.

Auto Dispense

This feature automatically dispenses detergent in the wash load. There is no need to manually measure the amount of detergent and put it before the wash cycle starts.


This is one of the most important points to consider. You would not want to waste electricity and pay high electric bills. Purchasing an energy-efficient washing machine will save energy and also get you low electricity bills.


The auto-resume feature protects the machine from electrical surges caused by the power outage. The process allows the machine to continue where it stopped, which would not affect the clothes that are in the process.


If the washing machine is not heavy, then it would not be very troublesome for you to shift it from one place to another if you relocate. Machines with supporting wheels make relocation easier for you.

Brands and Budget of Washing Machines

Most major washing machine brands like LG, Whirlpool, and Samsung are available in India. They make the best choices for top load washing machines. On the other hand, Siemens, IFB, Bosch, and Haier have some amazing front load washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines are the least expensive, while front-load machines are the most expensive. The top load fully automatic washing machines are now available between INR 15000 to INR 25000.

Washing Machine Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better – Front Load or Top Load?

Front-load washing machines are energy efficient and do not require much water during washing clothes when compared to the top load washing machines. The front-load options are more expensive because of the advanced features they possess.

How Much Detergent Do You Need?

The amount of detergent you require depends on the number of clothes and its nature. Water hardness also determines the detergent amount needed. Many washing machines come with an auto dispense feature where you need to put the detergent in the tray, and the machine will automatically dispense the detergent based on the requirement.

What Is the Regular Load of Laundry?

Ensure not to fill the washer to the brim with clothes irrespective of the type of machine you are using. Fill the washer 1/3rd full in case of small load, ½ full in case of medium load, and ¾ full in case of large load.

What Are the Different Types of Washing Machines?

There are two primary types of washing machines available in the market – semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine. A fully automatic washing machine is further divided into two types, top load washing machine and front load washing machine. We hope this washing machine buying guide helps you pick the right machine as per your requirements.

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